Check out this Q&A with John and Nick from Horween Tannery

Here’s a preview of the session yesterday, to read the full Q&A follow this link.

Question: Hello Gentlemen,
I have a few shell cordovan shoes, and the ones made with Horween are my favorites.
Can you please explain why shell sometimes gets water spots? What do you recommend we do when this occurs? I do note that Horween shell seems much less vulnerable to water spots than other makers. Thanks!

Response:The spotting is a bit of a phenomenon – it appears to me like little welts/bubbles in the finish or leather. I start by brushing (a lot), and if the spots persist I will rewet the shoe with a wet cloth. Once dry, you can apply a tiny bit of conditioner and polish.


The Tannery Row shop was a cool idea for smaller leatherworkers to get ahold of your sides. Do you see that avenue going in a direction where a customer could order sides (or seconds a la Maverick) that are in stock at the moment, or from an online inventory? For time and ease I wind up sourcing from resellers when I would prefer to be coming straight to you guys! How about in-person? Could someone visit you guys and purchase a side of leather that day?


We are working on the development of an online store where customers will be able to order direct. The idea here is that are identifying key leathers that will be offered for sale and we will plan on shipping within 72 hours of the order.
The site is currently under construction and hopefully this will be done and the leathers ready to do within the next four weeks.
I do not think we will be offering seconds through the site as we want to keep the focus of Tannery Row to offering our first run products.

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